Hidden forums Easter Egg I think (Surprise)

  • Okay this is what you need to do...

    • Go to your profile - you should see your page

    • Click the 3 dots in the blue circle at the right (I guess your banner)

    • A drop down menu should appear - click settings

    (you can explore from there on, but that's not the surprise :wink:)

    • Scroll down to the very bottom, you should see a box that says "Notifications & Sounds"

    • The first box in the big box, "Notification sound", click it - another drop down menu

    • Now select a sound and click play - make sure your sounds are up.. not too up (best sound is shoutbox-cena.mp3)

    You're welcome

  • @Tumblr_ that's not an Easter egg.

  • Saw this the first day, thought everyone knew about it. Thanks for notifying anyone who didn't.

  • @Uncontrol Hey, I tried xD

  • @Tumblr_ Hi tried. Lol

  • Oh I just saw this... https://community.namemc.com/topic/521/namemc-easter-eggs

    A day late. :cry:

    @Uncontrol it does say easter egg!!

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