Full profile customization. (+ My other ideas)

  • Demonism- (Please god can we get some color coding for the forum posts?)

    Note- I don't know if you plan to do any of this but I'm just suggesting what I think makes a forum complete. Hope this helps.


    Okay, I'd like to propose a profile system in which you could edit your widgets and whole theme for artists and normal people to mess with by allowing custom CSS, or a simple drag and drop system. This might be a hard thing to add, I don't really know much about implementing web design, but an example would be the old version of youtube and the current version of Deviant art.

    Here's an example picture of how deviant art allows users to do this:
    alt text As you can see above, the widgets are able to be fully customized
    Another addition I think is needed is a live chat room for different categories of people to speak more freely without the restrictions of forum replying.
    *Maybe some of the website moderators could every now and then feature an active member of the forums? Along with this addition, you could feature certain groups and posts that have been made that are **
    This one may be a bit obvious, but I think you should host events that involve large crowds of people (On the internet). This would include gathering people on a server on minecraft, or doing large scale votes.
    Welp, that's all I have for now, (I'll. Also, I hope we can have more customizable usernames in the forums when you get more rep etc).

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  • BlockMania Administrator

    @Demonism people will abuse this, so it'd have to be moderated all the time.

  • @Mooshroom There's many websites that do this successfully, you can already customize pictures which is just as bad in my opinion.

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    I'm not sure about the profile thing, if we do add more profile customization it'll be a long way off. There's still lots to do as far as just fixing up the core stuff and functionality of the forums first.

    As for the rest, they're pretty much all either implemented already and temporarily disabled or planned.

    There's a featured profile/post box that I'm working on fixing.

    We already have an official server called BlockMania which has a whole custom plugin on it that we made years ago, designed for hosting admin-run events.

    There's already a shoutbox. (click the button directly to the right of the "home" button on your top bar) and we plan to add chats to user-groups.

  • @Choons Thanks for replying, none of this was really meant for instant implementation. I was just proposing a pretty big feature that I'd love to see some time into the future. -demon

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    @Demonism Yeah I appreciate any kind of feedback. I just wanted to answer publicly for all readers to see.

    Most of things do/will exist very soon. I'm still fixing lots of stuff.

  • @Choons Much love <3 Loving the forums so far.

  • As someone who has used NameMC since it was released (and still cannot get over the fact that I missed out on the username "Minecrafter") this would be a nice feature. Also, it's nice to see this website finally has a forum.

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