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  • I'm JacobCrofts. I used to be an admin on MCPvP, which closed in 2015. I was active on Mineplex for half a year or so, and remain semi-active on the Spigot forums.

    I recently started my first "real life" job in San Francisco writing software for a marketing tech startup, and while my job certainly keeps me busy, I have big plans for my future with Minecraft.

    A few months ago, a small group (~50) of volunteers, many of whom are ex-MCPvPers, helped me alpha-test an alternative to the existing Minecraft combat systems. It went really well, so I plan to include this combat system in my upcoming game, Minecraft Kingdoms.

    Minecraft Kingdoms won't be out for months, since I'm the only developer working on it and I have (at best) only Saturday/Sunday of each week to make meaningful progress. But when it's here, it will be dope. This MMORPG style game will have:

    • A unique combat system which emphasizes strategy and distance-oriented combat like archery and magic over spam-clicking.
    • A political / role-playing system where the ruling party ("kingdom") sets tax policies, enforces its own chat rules, hires players to play specific roles in exchange for in-game currency, and competes with other kingdoms for control over worlds. The details are complicated, but elegant, and will be an enormous amount of fun.
    • Hundreds of custom items including armor, weapons, blocks, enchantments, and more. Much of this is done with a server-side resource pack, so no manual installation is required.
    • Economy-driven gameplay where merchanting alone can make a player very successful. The economy never resets, is completely unregulated, and is managed by a single, global state. That means what you sell in the US server might be purchased by a player in the EU server (I hope to add BR/AU servers as well, but I'm paying out of pocket for everything so this will depend on revenue).
    • Advanced trading system including direct person-to-person trading, auctions, multi-item trade packages, bulk discounts, and support for enchantments/durability (ex. place an offer for a diamond sword with at least 50% durability left and at least Sharpness IV and Knockback I).
    • Virtually infinite bank space that is PIN-protected and never gets reset, even when the maps do. You can hoard as much junk as your heart desires, and keep it nicely organized, too! Like the economy, your bank state is "global" -- i.e. accessible from any server at any time (demo)
    • Custom-built maps with custom structures, dungeons, and more.
    • Physically connected worlds -- walking into the border of your current world will transfer you to the correct position in an adjacent world without resetting your inventory.
    • Skill training system inspired by MMOs like RuneScape, plus fancy firework shows upon levelling up and swag you can wear if you reach the max level (no capes, unfortunately, due to the EULA :'().
    • Comprehensive web integration -- most user interfaces available in-game, including the economy, are also available on the web. You can buy a truck load of potatoes, add a new clan member, or sack your lazy Master of Coin during English class (as long your teacher doesn't object or isn't watching).

    So yeah, big plans. Bosses, quests, and other traditionally MMO-esque stuff may come later. I'm having a lot of fun working on this and hope people will enjoy the end result. If you'd like to get involved with testing when the time comes, or just want to hang out, feel free to join our growing Discord channel.


  • Your server sounds sick! throw back to the HRC on skype, good times <3

  • @Oaf Those were the days :D It's been ages since I banned a hacker though

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey man, I was Stake! It's so cool to see your still around, what other names are working on this project?

  • Owner

    Good to see ya here! I'd love to see your server work out.

    @Everyone who reads this - JacobCrofts is an OG mcpvper, which is where CoderTim and I both originated. It was one of, if not THE first big MC network ever.

    I highly recommend following his server progress and giving him some love. It's a very cool project and he'd love the support.

    Join his Discord linked in his post above ^ for updates.

  • @Andrwe You'll find a lot of old MCPVP'ers there :)

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Hey Jacob, good to see you hanging around again, it's always nice to see familiar faces. Glad to hear that you are employed and still have big plans for the future with minecraft. The server looks extremely detailed and fun, hope all goes well! : )

  • @Andrwe said in JacobCrofts checking in:

    what other names are working on this project?

    Pluto, Llamas and Crowhart are helping plan a few things, but right now all the work is very development intensive. Sooner or later we'll need help with a few not-so-technical things:

    • Map building (we're using WorldPainter)
    • Structure building (especially castles)
    • Texture pack (including 3d JSON modeling if anyone's up for it)
    • QA/UX feedback on the web app and game
    • Monetization scheme (we're doing it the EULA-compliant way)

    I'm holding off on a lot of this because many gameplay features are still in the planning stage. I don't want to have someone go out and build an awesome map structure, then not use it in the game.

  • Welcome to the community.

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