Hey, I'm Mikery

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    Hey, I'm Mikery, and I am currently one of the head staff at Blockmania. I have been playing Minecraft since early 2011, and played MCPVP a decent amount when it was owned by hclewk. PvP was much different in beta, and some would argue it was superior to how it is now. Although I learned to PvP in beta, I am open to change and believe the new innovations to Minecraft combat have potential. I'm looking forward to getting to know the players of the community and hope I can help offer everyone a positive experience.

  • Welcome :D @Mikery

  • Welcome to the community. Also why is your text like that. I dislike it.

  • that was awful to read ayy

    welcome to the community C:

  • @Mikery That scroll bar pissed me the fuck off

  • hey @Mikery nice to meet you, I'm Oaf ;c

  • @Nadri It's ya boy big Lenny


  • Hi Mikery

  • welcome mike o/ <3

  • ily mike hai bestie. <3 weLComE.

  • @lllllll Nice Lenny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • @Mikery Unban me

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