Mojang Breach/Account Issues?

  • So recently, i've been noticing my accounts constantly getting the passwords reset without me doing anything to them etc, So i was wondering if this was happening to anyone else recently? I've heard some people say mojang had a breach but i'm not 100% on that one

  • Password resets? I haven't got any password resets unless I change my skin or cape constantly, That may be the case if they did get "breached" then they would of posted on twitter. That's my guess but No I don't believe they got breached.

  • If you repeatedly log in over and over wrong, it's going to lock you out. If it's giving you some error message that says "InvalidCredentialsException". Just wait about an hour or so before logging in again.

  • Nvm @Carmah I read your post wrong. Sorry. :o

  • It's alright @Clqire thanks for the response though, same with you @Nadri

  • No Problem! @Carmah Glad to help out a fellow minemen!

  • Though there has been some account breaches. If you haven't heard apparently Notch's account and many other YouTubers accounts was logged onto on TheArchon.

    Heres the video:

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