Is Minecraft Dying for you?

  • Well, Personally to me I do think Minecraft is dying but I still to continue to play it, I have no other games to play besides this because I'm kinda poor to buy any other games and I'm really sad because I don't want to stay with this game forever... There are many many reason why Minecraft could be dying but the most important one is that People are growing up and they are moving away from Minecraft and is playing games like Call Of Duty, Battlefield, and much more. For now I think I'll stay with Minecraft until everyone is officially done with MC and I'll move with them.

  • @Nadri The community is very toxic

  • Minecraft is in fact dying but very slowly I have the EULA to blame.

  • @Consecutively Well you do have a point, but it's really depending on the server. Badlion is the most toxic for me at least.

  • @TheTrueAvocado Yes EULA killed MC the most. But I feel like it was a good part on them because they are getting rid of paid to win servers. But I see where you are coming from.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    There are statistic on the platforms that are used to play Minecraft. Consoles and phones/tablets are towering over PC users. (On my phone so I cant provide) This might be why it looks like things are dying.

    After all, only so many people can buy and play a game, it's inevitable.

  • @Nadri Im gonna go make a post about the eula to see who likes it and doesnt. You can come look at it in a minute.

  • It's inevitable that Minecraft was going to start losing it's players. I don't know if it's cause of the decision-making of the content of the game (This was not because of Microsoft for the PC version) or whatever, but Minecraft was never going to last forever and it's only a matter of time before the game becomes irrelevant to anyone.

    I am starting to lose interest playing it because I'm moving on to steam games, however, this does not mean I'm gonna stop playing it. It just means I'm not playing it as much as I used to.

  • @TonyTetris You do have a point, I have too played Minecraft less.

  • Well speaking as a more survival-oriented player, my game certainly isn't dying; I would try and argue that the game as a whole isn't dying, but since this is a community based around a server, I imagine I'm in the minority.

    I feel like people who engage often on servers etc. are more susceptible to change. Since they're around so many other players they're bound to come across some negative outlooks eventually.

    Minecraft owes much of its success to YouTube, and as such has developed an intrinsic sense of community. And in such large communities, dissatisfaction can spread easily leading to an overall perception that the game is somehow the problem. But I wholly disagree with anyone who says that the game itself has become worse. Today it's more customisable, user-friendly and accessible than ever before and the developers almost never remove features from the past. Yet they still receive criticism.

    long story short: nope

  • @5hz Why Thank you for your opinion! Thanks For Responding too!

  • half and half I barely play it now ;')

  • woah @yeriin I saw you on SKY on Mineplex ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • @Nadri You probably saw me being salty (๑→ܫ←)

  • Honestly, i dont think Minecraft itself is dying at all. Across all platforms, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, Minecraft is a healthy game and its still doing alright on the market. Minecraft's initial release date was October 7, 2011, thats 5 years ago and the game still manages to have a healthy player base and receive updates from the developers of the game.

    Lets look at a quick statistic here:

    (Source of my image: )

    Thats on PC alone, not adding sales from Xbox and PlayStation addictions per 24 hours. Minecrafts dying? ehh, i disagree still, you could definitely say its getting less popular perhaps.

    Minecraft wont die for atleast another 2- 4 years.

    What definitely is dying off in Minecraft however is the muliplayer side of the game,specifically the PvP side and their community. Reasons being cheaters, players getting banned from cheating,players quiting due to too many cheaters, etc... The community being extremely toxic, people almost forget that their talking to another HUMAN on the other side of their screen, seriously its ridicules.If you call yourself a gang member in Minecraft go play GTA, i have no idea how people even got the idea to call themselves a "gang member" in a sandbox game with childish graphics made for like ages 8 and up, its pathetic. And the "Its just a blockgame" mentally that people use to justify some of the shit they do is sooo fucking stupid, like cheating and using "its just a block game" to justify it not being wrong. It is 100% wrong, first of all cheating in Minecraft is so low, this is a sandbox game like holy shit man. And it just makes you look like a heartless bitch who gives a shit about no one else or someone elses enjoyment of the game but yourself, you're just looking for reactions to boost your ego.

    I would add a bunch more but im short of time right now, so gonna wrap this up.

    Last thing i got is a question for you, can you name me a popular Minecraft youtuber who's on the PvP side of things because i sure cant, theres another reason Minecraft's PvP community is dying.

    Here are some huge youtubers that just do single player videos, modded, and multiplayer with just a small group of friends. And they have way more subsicbers and views then any PvP Minecraft youtuber.

    The only popular Minecraft youtubers i can even think of are Huahwi (Who hasnt uploaded in 5 months), XNestorio, and Stimpay.

    Sorry for any spelling/grammar errors in this, i had to rush it.

  • I agree with @Consecutively , It is a very toxic Community, which could possibly be one of the reasons Minecraft is slowly dying.

  • With people like this
    1101 about an hour ago
    idk, I like being on here haha
    Made a couple of threads giving a few suggestions and giving my point of view on things
    I just saw something weird
    someone is calling themself genderless but their signature says "the MAN without gender"
    Yes Minecraft is dying for me

  • It's dying :)

  • @CanadianEGirl I do agree with you on this AND THANK YOU FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO DO THIS XD

  • @SirGenderless said in Is Minecraft Dying for you?:

    With people like this
    1101 about an hour ago
    idk, I like being on here haha
    Made a couple of threads giving a few suggestions and giving my point of view on things
    I just saw something weird
    someone is calling themself genderless but their signature says "the MAN without gender"
    Yes Minecraft is dying for me

    HAHAH <3

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