Hello, I'm Unknown (AKA Unknown)

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    Hey, I'm Unknown

    There isn't too much that is known about me. So I'll keep this "short".

    For those who can't read titles, my name is Unknown (not "Unkown"). I've been playing Minecraft since Beta 1.6.

    101% LEGIT! NO SCAM!

    I have had experience on many servers, meeting great people... and some really strange... people. I've played on Survival servers for most of my Minecraft years, but eventually I got quite sick of it. During those years, I gained staff experience, and eventually got to a point where I started working on the servers themselves. Since then, I've always enjoyed helping watching servers expand and seeing how far they've come since I joined. I love to see progress, which is one thing that motivates me a lot.

    Now I've started to turn away from Survival based servers and move onto minigames. I never really played on minigame servers much, but in the last 3 months I found I enjoyed them a lot. Through this, I managed to work my way to BlockMania, which I have stuck to for many great reasons. I enjoy it here a lot. The ideas are unique, and the names are.. I honestly don't care about your names. There are also some great people I have met here too, which is always a good thing. I'm excited to see where everything leads. I am now an Admin on BlockMania. :space_invader:

    See you around.

  • Welcome 2 the fourms

  • This was gravedug so badly. 22 days ago....

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